Oracle Advanced Security Features - Oracle 11g

In addition to the security features available for mainstream DBAs,Oracle Database 11g strengthens its premier advanced security options.The Oracle Kerberos client adds support forencryption algorithms such as 3DES and AES, thus makingKerberos more secure.Additionally,the enhanced Kerberos operates seamlessly with Microsoft and MIT Key Distribution.

  1. Best practices for employing encryption to achievemaximum security from Ingrian Networks Centers.Other Kerberos improvements are evident in the cross realm and in sysdba strong authentication support.

Kerberos Cross-Realm Support

Oracle Database 11g enhances the Oracle Kerberosimplementation to support cross-realm authentication Effective in Oracle Database 11g,a principal in one realm can authenticate to a principal in another Kerberos realm.By sharing an encryption key between two realms,Kerberos implements cross-realmauthentication.

The benefit of this feature is that it makes Kerberos anacceptable solution for customers with strong securityauthentication requirements. This eliminates the need to manage certificates and PKI.

Oracle Database 11g advanced security lifts the 30-character limitation for Kerberos principal accounts.

sysdba Strong Authentication

Oracle has had support for strong authentication since Oracle Database 8i for PKI,Kerberos,and Radius implementations.

However,sysdba and sysoper conne ctions were neversupported.In Oracle Database 11g,sysdba and sysoper accounts can connect using strong authen tication.This release solidifies strong authe ntications to the database including those made as sysdba and sysoper.

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