Application Express (APEX) Enhancements - Oracle 11g

Starting in Oracle Database 11g,the Application Express stack is bundled with the Oracle RDBMS software.The Application Express 3.0 software stack is now part of ORACLE_HOME in the $ORACLE_HOME/apex directory.

APEX Configuration

There is a script called apxconf.sql located in the $ORACLE_HOME/apex directory that will allow you to configure the port assignment and the password for the Application Express admin user.APEX can be configured with the database-embedded PL/SQL gateway:

SQL> @?/apex/apxconf.sql
Enter values below for the XDB HTTP listener port and
the password for the ApplicatiDefault values are in brackets [ ].
Press Enter to accept the default value.
Enter a password for the ADMIN user [] oracle123
Enter a port for the XDB HTTP listener [ 8080] 8080
...changing HTTP Port
PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
Session altered.
...changing password for ADMIN
PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
Now you can unlock the anonymous user:
SQL> alter user anonymous account unlock;
User altered.

Once you have successfully set up the APEX environment,you can access the web site for rapid application development.The APEX database schema is now part of the standard database component of the Database Configuration Assistant.If you use the DBCA to create your database,it is part of the default database build process.Once you successfully set up APEX, you can access the admin page with the URL similar to what is shown here:

APEX Enhancements

Application Express packs enhancement after enhancement for Oracle Data base 11g. Application Express provides added functionality to do the following:

  • It provides the ability to print a PDF for report regions.
  • It renders up to 18 different flash charts and converts scalable vector graphics to flash.
  • It can migrate Access applications to Application Express using the Application Migration Workshop.
  • You can use drag-and-drop layout pages for development productivity.
  • It provides new item types such as date picker, pop-up list of values, shuttle, and new HTML text editor areas.
  • It renders calendars by providing built-in wizards for daily, weekly, and monthly views.
  • It supports loosely defined web services to support services created in JDeveloper and Oracle BPEL synchronous processes.
  • It compares database objects in two separate schemas.
  • It compares differences between two different applications.
  • It facilitates bookmark pages within the application.
  • It performs page and region caching for application performance.
  • You can find items for CSS and images.
  • It defines rules for password expiration,forces strong passwords,locks accounts,and forces password changes upon first login.
  • You can manage workspace effectively by configuring sizes for new workspace and schema requests and additional space for existing workspace.

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