API Enhancements . - Oracle 11g

Data Pump uses the following two Oracle PL/SQL packages:

  • DBMS_DATAPUMP (also referred to as the Data Pump API)
  • DBMS_DATAPUMP (also referred to as the Metadata API)

The Data Pump utilities (expdp and impdp) simply make calls to the DBMS_DATAPUMP API to perform data extractions or imports. Oracle Database 11g provides a new API that will provide additional security for companies that need to remap sensitive data for data at rest or transform data during import operations.

The data_remap procedure has been introduced in the DBMS_DATAPUMP package to allow data trans formation of pertinent data for Data Pump jobs of data in user tables.The datatype, structure, and format are still preserved during this operation.This feature to transform data during the export is parti cularly useful while refreshing the productiondatabase to the QA or development environment, and we’ll discuss it further in the data_remap section later in this chapter. This is the definition of the data_remap procedure:

PROCEDURE data_remap (
handle IN NUMBER,
table_name IN VARCHAR2,
column IN VARCHAR2,
function IN VARCHAR2,

Several enhancements to existing APIs have been introduced in Oracle Database 11g.Here are some of the key new features:

  • In the add_device procedure, Oracle added the reuse_file API to indicate whether an existing dump file should be reused (overwritten) prior to an export operation.
  • The set_debug procedure is enhanced to enable debug/trace features for trace parameters or events
  • The Data Pump APIs have been improved to restart worker processes after failures without ter minating the Data Pump job.This feature can be particularly useful in parallel options of Data Pump.
  • Data Pump now supports editable XML. You can now extract the metadata for a particular object,modify it as needed, and convert the metadata as DDL and create the revised object to the same or a different database.
  • The Metadata API allows for transformation of local indexes on a single partition to an index on a nonpartitioned table.
  • The table_export object type is enhanced to support advanced queue tables, and all dependent objects for the table are exported

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