Viewing Information About the Archived Redo Log - Oracle 10g

You can display information about the archived redo logs using the following sources:

  • Dynamic Performance Views
  • The ARCHIVE LOG LIST Command

Dynamic Performance Views

Several dynamic performance views contain useful information about archived redo logs, as summarized in the following table.

Dynamic Performance ViewsDynamic Performance Views

Dynamic Performance View table

For example, the following query displays which redo log group requires archiving:

To see the current archiving mode, query the V$DATABASE view:


The SQL*Plus command ARCHIVE LOG LIST displays archiving information for the connected instance. For example:

This display tells you all the necessary information regarding the archived redo log settings for the current instance:

  • The database is currently operating in ARCHIVELOG mode.
  • Automatic archiving is enabled.
  • The archived redo log destination is D:oracleoradataIDDB2archive .
  • The oldest filled redo log group has a sequence number of 11160.
  • The next filled redo log group to archive has a sequence number of 11163.
  • The current redo log file has a sequence number of 11163.

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