Maintenance Windows - Oracle 10g

The Scheduler is a collection of functions and procedures packages in the DBMS _SCHEDULER package. Two Scheduler windows are predefined upon installation of Oracle Database:

  • WEEKNIGHT _WINDOW starts at 10 p.m. and ends at 6 a.m. every Monday through Friday.
  • WEEKEND _WINDOW covers whole days Saturday and Sunday.

Together these windows constitute the MAINTENANCE _WINDOW _GROUP in which all system maintenance tasks are scheduled. Oracle Database uses the maintenance windows for automatic statistics collection and for some other internal system maintenance jobs. If you are using the Resource Manager, you can also assign resource plans to these windows.

You can adjust the predefined maintenance windows to a time suitable to your database environment using the DBMS _SCHEDULER.SET _ATTRIBUTE procedure.

For example, the following script moves the WEEKNIGHT _WINDOW to midnight to 8 a.m. every weekday morning:

You can also use the SET _ATTRIBUTE procedure to adjust any other property of a window. For example, the following script sets resource plan DEFAULT _MAINTENANCE _PLAN for the WEEKNIGHT _WINDOW:

If you have already enabled a different resource plan, Oracle Database will make the DEFAULT _MAINTENANCE _PLAN when the WEEKNIGHT _WINDOW opens, and will reactivate the original resource plan when the WEEKNIGHT _WINDOW closes.

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