Enabling the Database Resource Manager - Oracle 10g

You enable the Database Resource Manager by setting the RESOURCE _MANAGER _ PLAN initialization parameter. This parameter specifies the top plan, identifying the plan schema to be used for this instance. If no plan is specified with this parameter, the Database Resource Manager is not activated. The following example activates the Database Resource Manager and assigns the top plan as mydb _plan.


You can also activate or deactivate the Database Resource Manager, or change the current top plan, using the ALTER SYSTEM statement. In this example, the top plan is specified as mydb_plan.


An error message is returned if the specified plan does not exist in the data dictionary.

To deactivate the Database Resource Manager, issue the following statement:


When enabled, the DBMS Scheduler can automatically change the Resource Manager plan at Scheduler window boundaries. In some cases, this may be unacceptable. For example, if you have an important task to finish, and if you set the Resource Manager plan to give your task priority, then you expect that the plan will remain the same until you change it. However, because a Scheduler window could become activated after you have set your plan, the Resource Manager plan may change while your task is running.

To prevent this situation, you can set the RESOURCE_MANAGER_PLAN parameter to the name of the plan you want for the system and prepend the name with "FORCE:". Using the prefix FORCE indicates that the current Resource Manager plan can be changed only when the database administrator changes the value of the RESOURCE _MANAGER _PLAN parameter. This restriction can be lifted by reexecuting the command without prepending the plan name with "FORCE:".


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