Creating Multiple Tables and Views in a Single Operation - Oracle 10g

You can create several tables and views and grant privileges in one operation using the CREATE SCHEMA statement. The CREATE SCHEMA statement is useful if you want to guarantee the creation of several tables, views, and grants in one operation. If an individual table, view or grant fails, the entire statement is rolled back. None of the objects are created, nor are the privileges granted.

Specifically, the CREATE SCHEMA statement can include only CREATE TABLE, CREATE VIEW, and GRANT statements. You must have the privileges necessary to issue the included statements. You are not actually creating a schema, that is done when the user is created with a CREATE USER statement. Rather, you are populating the schema.

The following statement creates two tables and a view that joins data from the two tables:

The CREATE SCHEMA statement does not support Oracle Database extensions to the ANSI CREATE TABLE and CREATE VIEW statements, including the STORAGE clause.

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