Controlling Trace Output Generated by the Archivelog Process - Oracle 10g

Background processes always write to a trace file when appropriate. In the case of the archivelog process, you can control the output that is generated to the trace file. You do this by setting the LOG_ARCHIVE_TRACE initialization parameter to specify a trace level. The following values can be specified:

Controlling Trace Output Generated by the Archivelog Process

You can combine tracing levels by specifying a value equal to the sum of the individual levels that you would like to trace. For example, setting LOG _ARCHIVE _ TRACE=12, will generate trace level 8 and 4 output. You can set different values for the primary and any standby database.

The default value for the LOG _ARCHIVE _TRACE parameter is 0. At this level, the archivelog process generates appropriate alert and trace entries for error conditions.

You can change the value of this parameter dynamically using the ALTER SYSTEM statement. The database must be mounted but not open. For example:


Changes initiated in this manner will take effect at the start of the next archiving operation.

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