Considerations After Creating a Database - Oracle 10g

After you create a database, the instance is left running, and the database is open and available for normal database use. You may want to perform other actions, some of which are discussed in this section.

Some Security Considerations

Once the database is created, you can configure it to take advantage of Oracle Identity Management. For information on how to do this, please refer to OracleAdvanced Security Administrator's Guide.

A newly created database has at least three user accounts that are important for administering your database: SYS, SYSTEM, and SYSMAN.

Additional administrative accounts are provided by Oracle Database that should be used only by authorized users. To protect these accounts from being used by unauthorized users familiar with their Oracle-supplied passwords, these accounts are initially locked with their passwords expired. As the database administrator, you are responsible for the unlocking and resetting of these accounts.

The Table lists the administrative accounts that are provided by Oracle Database. Not all accounts may be present on your system, depending upon the options that you selected for your database.

Administrative User Accounts Provided by Oracle Database

Administrative User Accounts Provided by Oracle DatabaseAdministrative User Accounts Provided by Oracle Database

Installing the Oracle Database Sample Schemas

The Oracle Database distribution media can includes various SQL files that let you experiment with the system, learn SQL, or create additional tables, views, or synonyms.

Oracle Database includes sample schemas that help you to become familiar with Oracle Database functionality. All Oracle Database documentation and training materials are being converted to the Sample Schemas environment as those materials are updated.

The Sample Schemas can be installed automatically by the Database Configuration Assistant, or you can install them manually. The schemas and installation instructions are described in detail in Oracle Database Sample Schemas.

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