About the DBMS_REPAIR Package - Oracle 10g

This section describes the procedures contained in the DBMS _REPAIR package and notes some limitations and restrictions on their use.

DBMS_REPAIR Procedures

The following table lists the procedures included in the DBMS _REPAIR package.

DBMS_REPAIR Procedures

Limitations and Restrictions

DBMS_REPAIR procedures have the following limitations:

  • Tables with LOBs, nested tables, and varrays are supported, but the out of line columns are ignored.
  • Clusters are supported in the SKIP _CORRUPT _BLOCKS and REBUILD_ FREELISTS procedures, but not in the CHECK _OBJECT procedure.
  • Index -organized tables and LOB indexes are not supported.
  • The DUMP _ORPHAN _KEYS procedure does not operate on bitmap indexes or function -based indexes.
  • The DUMP _ORPHAN _KEYS procedure processes keys that are, atmost, 3,950 bytes long.

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