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What is Social Media Marketing?

An opportunity for discovering new information, connecting and interacting with others, sharing their perspectives are facilitated by Social media. The presence of social media is considered as an inseparable presence, which provides a boost for marketing the business.

Huge website traffic is gained by Social media marketing through the channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. The business is advertised by captivating the people to go through the content posted on these channels.

What is the importance of Social Media?

Because of the following reasons, social media is considered important:

  • The social media content reaches to infinite people.
  • Huge web traffic is incurred.
  • Leads and conversions are bought.
  • Business branding is built.
  • Customer-vendor relationship is elevated.
  • The large audience are communicated fast.

How to use different Social media Platforms?

Social media platforms differ in many aspects. Most of the users use more than two platforms and for different interest. Different platforms serve different purpose. Each single platform can be used to the maximum.


One among the largest social networking sites is Facebook, making it a prominent business gainer. Images, videos and anything related to the business can be posted, by posting and commenting can be involved in conversation with the audience.

Facebook business page is created in an appealing layout to attract people, to like and to share. All the business offers can be posted on the page and for better result, visuals can be included.


Visuals can be uploaded and shared on Google+. It facilitates in segmenting the customers and refrain the customers who are not useful to the business. Google+ also facilitates to learn the contemporary trends by following others.


One of the emerging social media platforms which facilitate to showcase the offers of the business is known as Pinterest. Pinboards of the products and services offered by the business are created and people are invited to follow. The link to the website is included in the pins of the pinboard. Attractive images of products with specifications can be posted and people can follow for free.


The internet updates are broadcasted on Twitter. People or companies related to the business are followed and also gain followers. The audience who are not among the followers can be captured using hashtags. To get the traffic onto it, an embedded link of the website is tweeted.


The professionals of similar field can be contacted by LinkedIn, the largest professional social marketing website. One can hire or get hired on LinkedIn. All categories can be explored and people are followed. A strong business profile can be built by encouraging the recommendations of the customers. It facilitates in appearing the profile more credible and trustworthy.


There are some devoted users of Instagram. Pictures and videos are shared among family and friends. Business appears interesting and innovative. The content is posted in Images in Instagram.


A video sharing website where a video can be uploaded, viewed and commented is YouTube. Brand awareness can be built in a very short span of time in YouTube.

What are the tips for Social Media Marketing?

The following are some of the tips for social media marketing:

  • Plan – The targeted audience are attracted by building a plan.
  • Content - Correct, valuable and up-to-date information is provided to the audience.
  • Blog – The social media content, contents and events are posted in a blog which is to be developed.
  • Links – The links which entertain and educate the audience are to be added.
  • Quantify Results – To trace the efforts of the business, the results are to be measured. The required strategies need to be analyzed and followed.
  • Track Your Competitors – Strategies and keywords can be refined for obtaining the marketing insights.
  • Keep Patience – Patience is required as the results of social media takes time to reap the fruits.

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