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What is E-Mail Marketing?

The business promotion is done through e-mails and newsletters through E-Mail marketing. The business message is delivered to the audience by using the promotional letters which are clubbed with product and service details. The message is conveyed to the highly targeted visitors in a cost effective manner. The results of the e-mail marketing can be measured.

Email Marketing

What are the types of E-Mails used for E-Mail Marketing?

The types of e-mails used for E-Mail marketing are:

Transaction E-Mails

The emails are received only when a transaction is done such as purchase. The business transaction is confirmed by the e-mail which includes information such as cost per unit, number of units bought, total cost, mode of payment, shipping details, delivery time, etc.


The information is provided to the customers to foster the relationship with the customers.

Promotion E-Mails

Promotional e-mails include promotional details such as sale, new offers, etc.

Because of its cost-efficient and measurable features, e-mail marketing requires strategic planning and creative execution of campaign. The message has to be personalized, deployed and the results are to be analyzed.

How to set up an E-Mail Marketing Campaign?

An e-mail marketing campaign can be set up by the following steps:

  • Customer database has to be created which can be generated from the backend of the website. The customer details like contact information, client status, lead sources etc have to be embedded.
  • A newsletter has to be created and the relevant information has to be included. The timing and frequency of the subject line has to be set and the discounts and bonus offered are to be added.
  • Make it look eye-catchy, informational, and useful.
  • The deal expiry date and time are to be mentioned.
  • A link in the email has to be dropped, if required.
  • The servers should bear the load.
  • The email has to be tested and checked for details, images and links before sending.
  • The newsletter has to be deployed.
  • The performance of the E-Mail advertises is to be analyzed. For instance, E-mail delivery rate, email opening rate, conversions etc.

It is to be ensured that the anti-spam laws of a particular country are compiled with.

How to track an E-Mail Marketing Campaign?

For email tracking, the metrics used are as follows:

  • Click Through Rate – A clear view of the number of people engaged with the mail and the number of people interested is provided by this metrics.
  • Conversion Rate – The extent to which the goals are achieved is measured by this conversion rate.
  • Bounce Rate – The number of people who consider the email as spammer of worth time wasting is identified by this metrics.
  • Subscribers’ Growth Rate – To the extent to which the business can be extended is identified by this rate.
  • Email Forwarding Rate - The customers are interested more when this rate is high.
  • Overall ROI – The number of leads which can be generated through campaigns is tracked by this measure.

The open rate and the unsubscribed rate can be tracked and which helps in predicting the behaviour of the audience.

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