Introduction to Analytic Workspace Manager - OLAP

Analytic Workspace Manager is a primary tool for creating, developing, and managing analytic workspaces. It is a Java application that provides a graphical user interface to several PL/SQL packages and to the OLAP DML. The console, or main window, provides two views: the OLAP Catalog View, and the Object View. You can switch between these two views using the View menu. In addition, there are menus, a toolbar, a navigation pane, and a display pane. When you select an object in the navigator pane, the display pane to the right provides detailed information about that object. When you right-click an object, you get a choice of menu items with appropriate actions for that object. You can also conduct an interactive session using the OLAP DML, by opening OLAP Worksheet. You can switch between the console and OLAP Worksheet, and have an up-to-date view of your workspace in each one, because they share the same session.

Analytic Workspace Manager has a full online Help system, which includes context-sensitive Help.

OLAP Catalog View

OLAP Catalog View displays all OLAP Catalog metadata that you own or that you have been given access rights to read, both CWM1 and CWM2. The view lists the primary logical objects: measure folders, cubes, and dimensions. You cannot create or change the metadata; to do that, you must use Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Warehouse Builder, or the CWM2 PL/SQL procedures.

After you create an analytic workspace, the OLAP Catalog View shows the instantiated cubes in the analytic workspace in addition to the logical cubes in the relational model. You can augment the metadata by creating and deploying an aggregation plan on a workspace cube. An aggregation plan is associated with a workspace cube and is stored in the analytic workspace. It provides the rules for solving the data in a cube so that values are calculated for all levels. Figure shows the OLAP Catalog View. A relational cube named PRICE_CUBE in the GLOBAL schema is selected in the view, so the pane to the right displays information about the cube. Notice that an analytic workspace was created in the GLOBAL_AW schema from the relational cubes defined in GLOBAL.

OLAP Catalog View in Analytic Workspace Manager

OLAP  Catalog View in Analytic Workspace Manager

Object View

The Object View provides a graphical user interface to the OLAP DML. You can create, modify, and delete individual workspace objects. Using the tools available through the Object View, you can modify a workspace made by the Create Analytic Workspace wizard.

The Object View is useful primarily for managing the definitions of workspace objects. If you need to manage the contents of a workspace object or execute a program, or if you are adept at using the OLAP DML, then you can open OLAP Worksheet and have full use of the OLAP DML.

Figure shows the Object View. A formula named UNIT_PRICE is currently selected, so the right pane shows information about the formula.

Object View in Analytic Workspace Manager

Object View in Analytic Workspace Manager

OLAP Worksheet

OLAP Worksheet opens in a separate window from the Analytic Workspace Manager console. This window provides menus, a toolbar, an input pane for OLAP DML commands on the bottom, and an output pane on the top. Figure shows OLAP Worksheet opened from Analytic Workspace Manager.

Notice that the GLOBAL workspace is attached with read/write access in both OLAP Worksheet (as shown by the AW LIST command) and Analytic Workspace Manager (as shown by the Object View). The two applications share the same session.

OLAP Worksheet Opened From Analytic Workspace Manager

OLAP Worksheet Opened From Analytic Workspace Manager

Opening a Database Connection With Analytic Workspace Manager

To connect to a database:

  1. From the File menu, choose Connect.
    The Connect to Database dialog appears.
  2. Enter your database user name, password, and service. Then select OK.
    Specify the service in the form host:port:sid (for example, myhost-sun:1521:rel10g).

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