Developing a Forecast Program - OLAP

A forecast uses several related commands that are always executed from within an OLAP DML program. These commands define a forecasting context. Use the following commands in the order they are listed here.

  1. FCOPEN function. Opens a forecasting context and returns its handle.
  2. FCSET command. Specifies the characteristics of a forecast.
  3. FCEXEC command. Executes a forecast and populates Oracle OLAP variables with forecasting data.
  4. FCQUERY function (optional). Retrieves information about the characteristics of a forecast or a trial of a forecast.
  5. FCCLOSE command. Closes a forecasting context.

Example provides a template for these commands and others that are typically used in a forecast.

Template for a Forecast

Generating a Forecast

To generate the forecast data, run the forecast program, using a command like this one.

CALL forecast_sales

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