Administration Overview - OLAP

Because Oracle OLAP is contained in the database and its resources are managed using the same tools, the management tasks of Oracle OLAP and the database converge. Nonetheless, a database administrator or applications developer needs to address management tasks in the specific context of Oracle OLAP, in addition to creating and maintaining analytic workspaces. Following is a list of these tasks.

  • Tablespaces. Create permanent and temporary tablespaces to prevent I/O bottlenecks, as described in "Creating Tablespaces for Analytic Workspaces" .
  • Database configuration. Set initialization parameters to optimize performance, as described in "Initialization Parameters for Oracle OLAP" and "Initialization Parameters for the BI Beans".
  • Security. Users of OLAP applications must have database identities that have been granted the appropriate access rights. For users to have access to files, you must define database directory objects and grant users access to them.
  • Performance. Database monitoring tools can identify recommended changes to the database configuration based on past usage, as described in "Monitoring Performance".

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