Quick Movement of Files - Office Filing Procedure

How to move the files quickly?

The files which the Department Heads issue must reach the concerned managers of the department on the same day itself. But some organizations may accept the cases that if files cannot be sent to the manager on the same day, then they have to be sent within one working hour of the start of the following working day.

How Priority marking is done on Files?

The files can be considered and can be marked if they are of high priority be using some of the markings such as ‘ACTION THIS DAY’, ‘IMMEDIATE’ etc. In most immediate urgency case, the label ‘ACTION THIS DAY’ should be used. The file which that is next urgent to ‘ACTION THIS DAY’ can be labelled as ‘IMMEDIATE’. Still both the labels calls for immediate action on the same day.

The managers have the right to change the ratings of the files by viewing the content of the files and tallying them with the priority labels that are being used. After viewing the content of the file if the manager feels that the label assigned is not fair, then the labels can be changed accordingly by the manager. Manager is not allowed to take the files to the residence until and unless approved by the higher authorities for doing so.

It is the duty of the Department to -

  • Check the correctness of the open facts
  • Identify and figure out the factual mistakes or misstatements
  • Either statutory or customer procedure attention has to be drawn
  • Determine the rules and laws where ever they are found.
  • Arrange for providing other facts and figures from the company which are considered to be relevant
  • The papers pertaining to the previous decisions regarding a policy need to be put up
  • Consider the questions
  • Make decisions where ever required.
  • An appropriate course of action need to be suggested.

What are the actions to be done by the Head of the Department?

The manager of the department has to verify the notes of the file and it is their responsibility to communicate and send the observations to the departments that are lower. These instances may appear for some of the actions such as

  • When circulars, office orders or other routine orders are to be issued.
  • In cases where the Head of the Department is being made responsible for disposing independently.
  • When the casual and compensatory leaves are granted
  • When the reminders and acknowledgements are to be sent.
  • When files are recorded
  • Recording of files.

Different powers are being delegated to the Head of the Department. These powers are discussed in detail in the next chapter.

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