Managing Procedures Using Files - Office Filing Procedure

How to manage the Office File Procedures?

If any order is passed by the manager with respect to the content of the file, then the concerned employee has to obey and follow and make the order complete within a specified time, if the order is being failed to be carried out within the time, the importance of the order is lacked.

It happens that due to some of the unforeseen situations, if the order is not getting completed within the specified time then the person concerned for that should request the head who has passed the order, requesting for extending the time supported by relevant reasons for non-completion of the task within specified time.

Managing Procedure Files

Number of Pages

It is mandatory that all the pages of the notes and correspondence are to be assigned numbers. The numbering should be done at the top right hand corner. Even the blank pages have to be numbered in order to differentiate the notes and correspondence from PUC.

All the enclosures apart from notes and correspondence are also numbered. When the file is finally recorded, the numbers are finalized and the numbering is done permanently with ink.

Serial Number

All the communications related to the correspondence are provided with the serial numbers. The serial numbers for the communication are usually marked at the centre of the first page using red ink. The serial numbers are used for referring to any communication, in the main text of the file.

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