NHibernate Tutorial

NHibernate Tutorial

What is NHibernate Tutorial?

NHibernate is an aggressively developed, fully featured, open source object-relational mapper for the .NET framework. It is used in thousands of effective projects. It's built on top of ADO.NET and the current version is NHibernate 4.0.4.This lesson will give you an impression of how to get happening with NHibernate. The key goal is that after finishing it, you will have a good understating of what NHibernate is and why you need NHibernate and of course learn how to add NHibernate to your project.


This lesson will be exceptionally valuable for developers whose objective is to appreciate the fundamentals of Object Relational Mapping for .NET platform and implement it in practice. It is particularly going to help the users who are mostly accountable for mapping an object-oriented domain model to an old-style relational database.


It is a simple lesson and you can simply understand the concepts clarified here with a simple knowledge of how to map .NET classes to database tables. Though, it will be an added help if you have some previous experience to databases and how to deal with object relational mapping keys.

NHibernate Tutorial: List of Topics

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