The .MYI file MySQL

A .MYI file for a MyISAM table contains the table's indexes.

The .MYI file has two parts: the header information and the key values. So the next sub-sections will be "The .MYI Header" and "The .MYI Key Values".

The .MYI Header

A .MYI file begins with a header, with information about options, about file sizes, and about the "keys". In MySQL terminology, a "key" is something that you create with CREATE [UNIQUE] INDEX.

Program files which read and write .MYI headers are in the ./myisam directory: mi_open.c has the routines that write each section of the header, mi_create.c has a routine that calls the mi_open.c routines in order, and myisamdef.h has structure definitions corresponding to what we're about to describe.

These are the main header sections:

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