Row Data Packet: Binary (Tentative Description) MySQL

From server to client, or from client to server (if the client has a prepared statement, the "result set" packet format is used for transferring parameter descriptors and parameter data).

Recall that in the description of Row Data we said that: "If a column is defined as non-character, the server converts the value into a character before sending it." That doesn't have to be true. If it isn't true,it's a Row Data Packet: Binary.

Row Data Packet: Binary

Only non-zero parameters are passed.

Because no conversion takes place, fixed-length data items are as described in the "Physical Attributes of Columns" section: one byte for TINYINT, two bytes for FLOAT, four bytes for FLOAT, etc. Strings will appear as packed-string-length plus string value. DATETIME, DATE and TIME will be as follows:


Alternative Terms: Row Data Packet: Binary is also called "Binary result set packet".

Except for the different way of signalling NULLs, the server/client parameter interaction here proceeds the say way that the server sends result set data to the client. Since the data is not sent as a string, the length and meaning depend on the data type. The client must make appropriate conversions given its knowledge of the data type.

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