Item_allany_subselect MySQL

Item_allany_subselect is inherited from Item_in_subselect. ALL/ANY/SOME use the same algorithm (and the same method of Item_in_subselect) as scalar IN, but use a different function instead of =.

ANY/SOME use the same function that was listed after the left expression.

ALL uses an inverted function, and all subqueries passed as arguments to Item_func_not_all(Item_func_not_all is a special NOT function used in optimization, see following).

But before above transformation ability of independent ALL/ANY/SOME optimization will be checked (query is independent, operation is one of <, =<, >, >=, returning correct NULL have no sense (top level of WHERE clause) and it is not row subquery).

For such queries, the following transformation can be done:

ALL subqueries already have NOT before them. This problem can be solved with help of special NOT, which can bring 'top' tag to its argument and correctly process NULL if it is 'top' item (return TRUE if argument is NULL if it is 'top' item). Let's call this operation _NOT_. Then we will have following table of transformation:

If subquery does not contain grouping and aggregate function, above subquery can be rewritten with MAX()/MIN() aggregate function, for example:

For queries with aggregate function and/or grouping,special Item_maxmin_subselect will be used. This subquery will return maximum (minimum) value of result set.

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