Field Packet MySQL

From Server To Client, part of Result Set Packets. One for each column in the result set. Thus, if the value of field_columns in the Result Set Header Packet is 3, then the Field Packet occurs 3 times.

Field Packet

In practice, since identifiers are almost always 250 bytes or shorter, the Length Coded Strings look like:(1 byte for length of data) (data)

Field Packet

Alternative Terms: Field Packets are also called "Header Info Packets" or "field descriptor packets" (that's a better term but it's rarely used). In non-MySQL contexts Field Packets are more commonly known as "Result Set Metadata".

Result Set Metadata

In the example, we see what the server returns for "SELECT s1 AS S1 FROM t7 AS T7" where column s1 is defined as CHAR(1).

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