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Null-Terminated String: used for some variable-length character strings. The value '�' (sometimes written 0x00) denotes the end of the string.

Length Coded Binary: a variable-length number. To compute the value of a Length Coded Binary, one must examine the value of its first byte.

Thus the length of a Length Coded Binary, including the first byte, will vary from 1 to 9 bytes. The relevant MySQL source program is sql/protocol.cc net_store_length().

All numbers are stored with least significants byte first. All numbers are unsigned.

Length Coded String: a variable-length string. Used instead of Null-Terminated String, especially for character strings which might contain '�' or might be very long. The first part of a Length Coded String is a Length Coded Binary number (the length); the second part of a Length Coded String is the actual data. An example of a short Length Coded String is these three hexadecimal bytes: 02 61 62, which means "length = 2, contents = 'ab'".

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