Compression logical packets - MySQL

This chapter does not discuss compression, but you should be aware of its existence.Compression is of one or more logical packets. The packet_number field that is in each packet header is an aid for keeping track.

The opposite of "compressed" is "raw".

Compression is used if both client and server support zlib compression, and the client requests compression.

A compressed packet header is: packet length (3 bytes), packet number (1 byte), and Uncompressed Packet Length (3 bytes). The Uncompressed Packet Length is the number of bytes in the original, uncompressed packet. If this is zero then the data is not compressed.

When the compressed protocol is in use (that is, when the client has requested it by setting the flag bit in the Client Authentication Packet and the server has accepted it), either the client or the server may compress packets. However, compression will not occur if the compressed length is greater than the original length. Thus, some packets will be compressed while other packets are not compressed.

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