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Character sets are used by MySQL when storing information, both to ensure that the information is stored (and returned) in the correct format, but also for the purposes of collation and sorting. Each character set supports one or more collations, and so these are collectively known as Collation Sets,rather than character sets.

Character sets are recorded against individual tables and returned as part of the field data. For example, the MYSQL_FIELD data type definition includes the field charsetnr:

Character set and collation information are specific to a server version and installation, and are generated automatically from the sql/share/charsets/Index.xml file in the source distribution.

You can obtain a list of the available character sets configured within a server by running SHOW COLLATION, or by running a query on the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLLATION table. A sample of the information from that table has been provided here for reference.


Note that it is the collation ID, not the character set ID, that is used to identify the unique combination of character set and collation. Thus, when requesting character set information using one of the character set functions in mysys/charset.c, such as get_charset(), different IDs may return the same base character set, but a different collation set.

The following functions provide an internal interface to the collation and character set information, enabling you to access the information by name or ID:

The table below details the functions, the key argument that is supplied, and the return value.

collation and character set information

An example of using the collation/character set functions is available in the extras/charset2html.

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