A Chunk of Code in /sql/sql_update.cc MySQL

Now, having finished with our bird's eye view of the source code from the air, let's take the perspective of the worms on the ground.(Which is another name for MySQL's developer staff — turn on laugh track here.)

Here's a snippet of code from a .c file in the sql directory, specifically from sql_update.cc, which — as we mentioned earlier -- is invoked when there's an UPDATE statement to process.

The entire routine has many error checks with handlers for improbable solutions, and showing multiplescreens would be tedious, so we've truncated the code a lot. Where you see an ellipsis (three dots in a row), that means "and so on".

So, what do we learn from this snippet of code? In the first place, we see that it's fairly conventional C code. A brace causes an indentation, instructions tend to be compact with few unnecessary spaces, and comments are sparse.

Abbreviations are common, for example thd stands for thread, you just have to get used to them. Typically a structure will be in a separate .h file.

Routine names are sometimes long enough that they explain themselves. For example, you can probably guess that this routine is opening and locking, allocating memory in a cache, initializing a process for reading records, reading records in a loop until the thread is killed or there are no more to read, storing a modified record for the table, and — after the loop is through — possibly writing to the log. Incidentally, a transactional table is usually a BDB or an InnoDB table.

Obviously we've picked out what's easy to follow, and we're not pretending it's all smooth sailing. But this is actual code and you can check it out yourself.

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