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What is MVVM WPF Data Templates?

A template describes the overall appearance and visual look of the manage. For every manage there is a default template related to it which offers the appearance to that control. In WPF application, you may easily create your own templates when you need to customize the visual conduct and visible appearance of a manage. Connectivity among the logic and template can be finished through information binding.

In MVVM, there is another primary shape which is referred to as ViewModel first construction.

  • View Model first construction method leverages the capabilities of implicit data templates in WPF.
  • Implicit information templates can automatically choose the best template from the modern resource dictionary for an detail that uses data binding. They do this based on the type of information item that is rendered through data binding. First, you need to have some detail this is binding to a records object.

let’s take a look at our simple example once more wherein you will recognize how you may do view version first leveraging information templates, specifically implicit data templates. right here is the implementation of our StudentViewModel class.

You may see that the above View Model is unchanged. we will preserve with identical example from the preceding chapter. This View Model elegance simply exposes the students collection assets and populates it on construction. allow's visit the StudentView.xaml file, remove the existing implementation and define a information template in assets section.

Now upload a list field and records bind that list container to students assets as proven in the following code.

In the resource section, the Data Template has a key of students Template after which to really use that template, we need to apply the ItemTemplate assets of a ListBox. So now you may see that we instruct the listbox to go use that specific template for rendering out the ones students. Following is the complete implementation of StudentView.xaml file.

When the above code is compiled and done, you may see the following window, which includes one ListBox. each ListBoxItem includes the student class object facts which are displayed on TextBlock and text boxes.

MVVM – WPF Data Templates

To make this an implicit template, we want to put off the ItemTemplate assets from a list box and upload a DataType property in our template definition as proven inside the following code.

In DataTemplate, the x:kind markup extension is very crucial which is sort of a form of operator in XAML. So, basically we need to point to the student data type that is in MVVMDemo.version namespace. Following is the updated whole XAML file.

When you run this application again, you may still get the equal rendering of the students with information template because it's automatically mapping the type of the item being rendered by locating the right DataTemplate.

MVVM – WPF Data Templates

We suggest you to execute the above example in a step-by-step technique for better understanding.

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