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What is MooTools?

MooTools is an object-oriented, lightweight JavaScript framework. The full form of MooTools is my object-oriented tools. It is released underneath the free, open-source MIT License. It is one among maximum popular JavaScript libraries.

MooTools is an effective, lightweight JavaScript library. It creates a smooth interaction of JavaScript in web improvement. It can also do lots of things as CSS extensions. MooTools has all varieties of nifty extensions, which offers you the ability to create animated results.

Components of MooTools

MooTools includes a number of components. The following are the different component categories −

  • Core − A collection of utility functions that all the other components require.
  • More − an official collection of add-ons that extend the core and provide enhanced functionality.
  • Class − the base library for class object instantiation.
  • Natives − A collection of JavaScript native object enhancements. The natives add functionality, compatibility, and new methods that simplify coding.
  • Element − Contains a large number of enhancements and compatibility standardization to the HTML Element Object.
  • FX − An Advanced effects-API that helps to animate page elements.
  • Request − Includes XHR interface, Cookie JSON, and HTML retrieval-specific tools for developers to exploit.
  • Window − Provides a cross-browser interface to client-specific information, such as the dimensions of the window.

MooTools – advantages

MooTools come with some of the advantages over native JavaScript. Those advantages encompass the following −

  • MooTools is an extensive and modular framework that allows developers to create their very own custom designed combination of components.
  • MooTools follows object-orientated paradigm and the DRY principle (don't Repeat yourself).
  • MooTools provides advanced component outcomes, with optimized transitions. It is generally used for flash developers.
  • MooTools affords unique enhancements to the DOM. This allows the developers to add, adjust, pick out, and delete DOM elements. And, it also helps to store and to retrieve detail storage.

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