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How to integrate JUnit and Mockito together?

This chapter will explain about how to integrate JUnit and Mockito together. For this we need to create a Math Application which uses CalculatorService to perform basic mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiply, and division.

We'll use Mockito to mock the dummy implementation of CalculatorService. Along with this, using annotations will helps to showcase their compatibility with both JUnit and Mockito.

Junit integration process is explained here in a step-by-step manner.

Step 1 − Create an interface called CalculatorService to provide mathematical functions


Step 2 − Create a JAVA class to represent MathApplication


Step 3 − Test the MathApplication class

Now,test the MathApplication class, by injecting in it a mock of calculatorService.


Step 4 − Create a class to execute to test cases

Create a java class file named TestRunner in C> Mockito_WORKSPACE to execute Test case(s).


Step 5 − Verify the Result

Compile the classes using javac compiler as follows –

Now run the Test Runner to see the result –

Verify the output.

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