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What is Mobile Learning Essentials Expectations of Mobile Learners?

Mobile learning’s huge advantage is its endless interaction with several forms of media at the same time. Considerable amount of personalization is allowed to learners leading to social learning curve that finds each learner at his own comfortable pace.

Using different methodologies and pedagogies authorizes learners to get huge command on the subject. BYOD Principle (Bring Your Own Device) allows a high degree of closeness with the tool that lessen the frustrations over not being able to access the device.


Moreover, students use technology primarily for social interactions till now by creation of well-planned and well organized layout. Asking students to move towards using technology for learning needs a comprehensible communication and setting expectations with them. To meet these requirements, the following recommendations will come in handy –

  • For maximum benefits, learners should be aware of the technologies being used.
  • Virtual learning environment is used to share the learning resource and course completion.
  • The tools must share a preview of the advantages to learners through the innovative learning experience.
  • Technology used for education should be based on stable and consistent platform.
  • Everyone should get a equal chance for playing field in spite of their learning speed or skill sets.
  • First time learners should be taught the advantages of the technology based education.

Above recommendations state that mobile learning is essential where shared learning shaped the intelligence levels of various kinds of people in the classroom.

The way of sharing information in online has changed the way education was understood from earlier times. This made the gap between proficient students and hard-working students who desire to be proficient.

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