Mobile Computing Brief Overview - Mobile computing

What is mobile computing? How does it work?

Mobile Computing is a human-computer interaction that allows transmission of data, voice and video via a computer or any other wireless device without connecting to a fixed physical link. It also allows people to access data and information from wherever they are. The main concept involves −

  • Mobile communication
  • Mobile hardware
  • Mobile software

Mobile communication

The mobile communication refers to the use of technology that allows us to communicate with others in different locations. It refers to the infrastructure put in place to ensure that seamless and reliable communication goes on. These devices such as protocols, services, bandwidth, and portals help to facilitate and support the available services. The data format is also defined at this stage. This tells that there would be no collision with other existing systems which offer the same service.

mobile communication

Since the media is unguided/ unbounded, the overlaying infrastructure is basically radio wave-oriented. That means the signals which help in sending and receiving similar kind of signals are carried by air to those devices.

Mobile Hardware

Mobile hardware includes mobile devices or device components capable of operating, executing and providing services that receive or access the service of mobility. They would range from portable laptops, smartphones, tablet Pc's, Personal Digital Assistants.


A receptor medium is available in these devices that are capable of sending and receiving signals. These devices are configured to operate in full- duplex, whereby they are capable of sending and receiving signals at the same time. It is not necessary to wait until one device completes the communication for the other device initiates communication.

Above mentioned devices use an existing and established network to operate on. In most cases, it would be a wireless network.

Mobile software

Mobile software is an operating system that allows smart phones, tablet PCs, and other devices to run applications and programs. It is the actual program that runs on the mobile hardware. It deals with the characteristics and requirements of mobile applications. This is the engine of the mobile device. It is considered as the heart of the device that operates the mobile device.


Since portability is the significant factor, in this type of computing the users are not confined to single physical location, but are able to operate from wherever they find comfortable. It incorporates all aspects of wireless communications

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