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What are the different types of mid-level managers?

Sometimes the mid-level managers practice some of the methods such as blackmailing, intimidating, power abuse in order to get fast results but these practices cannot b practiced for a longer period of time. This results in disliking the managers by the team members. A manager is said to be true when the powers are being generated sincerely and which are exhibited by the manager. But being a manager it is very difficult to maintain the sincerity for many of the functional units.

Some of the managers and the mid-level managers have some specific characteristics that make them significantly different from other colleagues. On the basis of these characteristics, the mid-level managers are classified into different types. They are as follows -

  • A Visionary Mid-Level Manager
  • Managers with Strategy and Planning Capabilities
  • Mid-Level Managers who are Good Mentors
  • Honest Mid-Level Managers
  • A Communicative and Considerate Manager
  • Managing Professional and Personal Life Balance
  • Managers who are Innovative Thinkers
  • Mid-Level Managers Committed to a Win-Win Mentality

A Visionary Mid-Level Manager


The manager who possesses the talent of visualizing the future and forecasting the different possibilities is a visionary mid-level manager. They have the skills with which they visualize the possibilities far beyond themselves. This enables the team to maximize the capabilities.

These managers can estimate the different circumstance under which they are supposed to work. These type of managers share a sense of security with the members of the team, which enables the team members to feel secured.

The team members feel confident that even under unforeseen circumstances; the managers can be able to handle the situations and will take care of the team members. This type of managers motivate and inspire the team members in properly carrying out the responsibilities and achieve the goals.

Managers who Strategize


It is to be understood that visualization is different from that of day-dreaming. Visualization always leads to implementation of the plans. When the managers visualize, they work on that vision and turn into reality. On the other side, day-dreaming only involves in thinking and fantasizing about the better times and not implementing them.

In the phase of planning, the managers who think a step advance are considered as good leaders. As they have the capability of team strengthening by taking into consideration the consequences, rewards, and the changes made. The managers usually tend to be sceptical about the proposed strategies and proper explanation is provided about the strategies.

The strategies are always advantageous only when they are implemented. Thus the strategies are developed by the managers or the leaders and actions need to be taken for implementing the strategies. In case of criticisms to the plans, the managers who remain patient, confident about the plan and stick to the same plan are considered as good managers. The capabilities of the members of the team boost the confidence of the manager.

It is the responsibility of the mid-level managers to grow the teams and raise the teams in case of hurdles and it is the mid-level managers who can pick the teams up.

Mid-Level Managers who are Good Mentors

Good Mentors

Beyond managing the team, the mid-level managers also acts as good mentors for the members of the team. The team members are continuously motivated and encouraged by the mid-level managers. The team members develop trust and loyalty among each other by this attitude of the mid-level managers.

The potential of the team members is always trusted by the mi-level managers and the leaders. The team members are also facilitated with the opportunities to achieve the goals in their own manner by not enforcing the views of the managers on the team members.

A good mentor or a leader always acknowledges and gives the credit to the team members and do not take the credit for self. The roles and responsibilities of a mentor and a leader are mostly interconnected. It is the responsibility of the mid-level manager to take up the roles and responsibilities of mentors and thus force the team.

Honest Mid-Level Managers

A true leadership stands on the base of honesty. The members of the team tend to be honest if the leader and the manager of the team is honest. Honesty always displays the inner strength and integrity of a person. A person lacking honesty is the professional life is usually considered as a person having a flaw in the character.

The dishonest people tend to fail in taking the responsibility as it is the honest people who always feel accountable for their actions. Being dishonest may result in completely losing the trust of the other person.

The information shared with the team should always be accurate and without any manipulations. Lack of proper sharing of information leads to demotivation among the members of the team and the leader is said to be not properly performing the leadership.

A Communicative and Considerate Manager

Considerate Manager

It is the responsibility of the manager that the members of the team are allowed to share and express their vision, future plans and the future expectations from the members of the team. This can be done by initially sharing the vision and future plans of the leader to the members of the team. Any information that is considered to be communicated with the members of the team need to be done without any manipulations.

It is very difficult for the mid-level managers to handle worst situations that arise due to the fear and uncertainty of the members caused by hiding some of the matter that need to be expressed and shared by other members of the team. The teams can be made efficient by developing trust and close relations between the team members and between other teams by the mid-level managers.

Managers who are Innovative Thinkers

Innovative Thinkers

The mid-level managers who are the innovative thinkers always try hard for thinking innovatively and try to incorporate the new and innovative ways and also encourage the team members to think innovatively.

The new ideas are encourages from the team members and the sometimes by examining the trends followed by the competitors the managers can generate new and innovative ideas.

A step further to this activity is that in most of the companies apart from encouraging the new and innovative ideas, disagreements and scepticism is also encouraged. This is sportively accepted by the leader if any differences among the members of the team exist.

It is the responsibility of the mid-level manager to develop a team with members possessing high performance capabilities. Then the team members are challenges to question the decisions taken by the manager and identify the mistakes.

Mid-Level Managers Committed to a Win-Win Mentality

Win Win Mentality

Under this category, it is essential to understand that looking back is different from looking backwards. Looking back implies that the person is looking the past failures and when the person tries to learn from those failures. When a person lacks confidence on the steps take by him and is not sure, then the person is said to be looking backwards. They either take back the decisions taken or regret for the decisions.

Leaders will never look backwards but would rather look back and learn from their experiences and lead the team from the front. Leaders possess traits such as excellence and quality. Good leaders are always said to motivate and encourage the team and increase the team productivity by sharpening the skills.

The members of the team are always encouraged to share their own views and opinions by a good leader. The members of the team are allowed to question the decisions taken by the leaders and good leaders take it sportively. The questions raised by the team members are initially challenged by the leaders and once they confidence on the views of the members, the leaders gain the trust on their decisions. Good leaders can easily determine the capabilities of the team members and also the shortcomings of the members of the team. The positive energy within the good leaders enables to attract and inspire the members of the team especially in difficult situations.

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