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Facts are objects created by and shared between MicroStrategy users. They relate numeric data values from the data warehouse to the MicroStrategy reporting environment. The facts you create allow users to access data stored in a data warehouse. Facts form the basis for metrics that are used in the majority of analyses and reports that users can create with MicroStrategy.

Facts are stored in the data warehouse in fact tables. These fact tables are composed of different columns, each cell representing a specific piece of information. This information is used to create a metric such as profit, which is a business measure.

Facts are based on physical columns in the data warehouse. When fact information is requested for a report in MicroStrategy, that column is accessed to retrieve the necessary data.

What is a fact?

Like other schema objects such as attributes, facts are logical MicroStrategy objects that correspond to physical columns and tables. Unlike attributes, facts do not actually describe data. Facts are the actual data values stored at a specific fact level. A fact entry level is the lowest set of attributes at which a fact is stored.

Facts and attributes are necessary to define projects. In a MicroStrategy project, facts are numeric data and attributes are contextual data for the facts. As the project designer, you create projects that contain facts and attributes, which the users can include when building metrics and reports.

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