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Using the predictive metric in reports

With the predictive model implemented as a metric, it can be used in reports to determine possible trends and outcomes. Again, creating a report for data mining is similar to creating a regular report. These reports have no special requirements, other than including the predictive metric. For more detailed instructions on creating a report, see the MicroStrategy Online Help.

Predictive models are generated based on a certain level of input data. Therefore, in order for a model to produce valid results when scored, the model must be provided the same level of input data. If the user of the model does not have access to this level of data (for example, a security filter on the user does not allow such access) then the model cannot be expected to return valid scores.

Using the predictive metric in other objects

In addition to reports, predictive metrics can also be used in other objects. Generally, wherever a regular MicroStrategy metric is used, a predictive metric can be used. The objects where predictive metrics can be used include:

  • Filters
  • Custom Groups
  • Consolidations
  • Derived Metrics
  • Shortcut Metrics

Predictive Model Viewer

Predictive metrics are different from other MicroStrategy metrics since they implement a data mining model, which ismore than a mathematical expression. These predictive models, and the PMML that describes them, contain information about variables, variable transformations, and details about the data mining techniques they implement. All this information can be viewed on MicroStrategy Desktop using the Predictive Model Viewer.

You can access the Predictive Metric Viewer in one of the following ways:

  • On Desktop, right-click a predictive metric in the right-hand pane and select View Predictive Model.
  • In the Metric Editor, when editing a predictive metric, select View Predictive Model from the Tools menu.
  • In a Desktop report or graph, right-click a predictive metric in the right-hand pane and select View Predictive Model.

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