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A shortcut to a report qualification is also known as Report as filter. In the Desktop, you select Add a Shortcut to a Report to access the report as filter functionality.

The report data set of an existing report can be used as a filter for another report. Often, the result of one report is exactly what is needed as a filter in another report. Rather than create a filter that mimics the results of a report, that report itself can be used as a filter in the second report. When usedas a filter, only the report’s data definition is considered; any changes to the view definition do not influence the filter conditions.

Using reports as filters provides a more visual way of building reports and analyzing their results. It also provides a fluid transition from viewing data in a report to analyzing additional reports based on the data in the original. Report as filter is a different way to achieve the same results as a metric qualification, but it is easier to understand and create.

Reports with consolidations or custom groups cannot be used as a shortcut to a filter.

Report Object Prompt

The report object prompt allows you to choose the results of one report to be included in another report. You can define areport object prompt by specifying a search object orspecifying a predefined list of objects to choose from, while executing a report.

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