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Creating a shortcut to a filter allows you to use an existing filter, or add conditions to that filter, to apply to a report. In generic terms, Filter1 contains two conditions, A and B. You can use Filter1 in another filter and add another condition, C, to it. The data must then satisfy all three conditions - A, B, and C - to be included.

For example, you are a manager in New England, responsible for stores in Boston, Providence, and Greenwich. Your project contains a filtercalled Stores in my Region, which is defined as the Boston, Providence, and Greenwich stores. The Women’s Clothing filter includes the classes Blouses and Dresses. A third filter, All Days in Dec 01, is a date range that includes all the days in the month of December, 2003.

To study December sales in your stores for women’s clothing, create a new filter. Include a shortcut to each of the three filters.

Filter Object Prompt

The filter object prompt allows you to choose the filters to be included in a report. You can define a filter object prompt by specifying a search object or specifying a predefined list of objects to choose from, while executing a report.

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