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This section discusses the following MicroStrategy features in relation to OLAP cube reports:

  • managed objects
  • authentication

Managed objects

When an OLAP cube is imported into a project, managed objects (attributes, metrics, columns, tables, and so on) are created to describe that cube. A managed object is just like a normal object except that it is managed by the system and is stored in a special system folder that is invisible to users. However, one way to access managed objects is by using the Search for Objects function from the Tools menu on Desktop.

In the Search for Objects dialog box, select the Display Managed Objects option (from the Tools menu, select Options) so they will be displayed in the search result. Once the managed objects are listed in the search result, you can rename or edit any of them by right-clicking its name.

A managed object can be removed once it is no longer referenced by another unmanaged object in the project. The removal of unused managed objects is usually performed by the Administrator.


Most of the features of authentication that apply to standard MicroStrategy reports also apply to OLAP cube reports,described as follows:

  • Standard authentication, LDAP authentication, NT Authentication: are supported independent of the data source that is being used, for example, relational databases, OLAP cube providers.
  • Connection mapping: is supported in the same way as for standard MicroStrategy reports. In addition, specific connection maps may be designated for each database instance, user/group combination.
  • Warehouse pass-through authentication: is supported in the same way as for relational data providers. If multiple sources are configured for warehouse pass-through execution, then the same login information must be applicable to all sources.

To enforce SAP BW security in MicroStrategy, it is recommended that you use connection mapping or pass-through authentication.

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