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An HTML document is an HTML container for formatting, displaying, and distributing multiple reports on the same page, or at the same time within a project. You can modify the appearance of an HTML document, just like any other HTML page, to include text, images, hyperlinks, tables, and one or more report objects.

The HTML document object, earlier called the document object, is the standard container for creating dashboards and scorecards to display a group of reports within the MicroStrategy platform. Dashboards or scorecards are popular means of displaying and distributing data from business intelligence projects. Scorecards typically follow a specific methodology and are focused on key metrics within a business area. Dashboards, on the other hand, tend to provide key metrics as well as summary information. While the business logic behind designing a dashboard or a scorecard could be different, the technical implementation of the two is achieved in the same manner using MicroStrategy. Both dashboards and scorecards are a group of reports and metrics that are tied together by business logic.

Typically, the end users for dashboards are high-level managers and executives. Requirements from such end users or business analysts are critical to the design of an effective dashboard. This first describes HTML document layout, creation, and viewing. It then discusses advanced XML and XSL concepts, which provide functionality for personalizing documents. Further, this chapter provides high level tips for designing and building a dashboard, along with detailed steps for implementing a gauge-based dashboard. Additionally, this provides tips for simple XSL customization.

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