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You can design the user hierarchy browsing for the Data Explorer by assigning browse attributes. A browse attribute is the attribute child defined for the hierarchy attribute. When you apply browse attributes to attributes in a hierarchy, you are specifying what levels of detail are visible when browsing the Data Explorer.

Once you choose which attributes to place in a hierarchy, you can define the relationships between them. Theserelationships determine how the users can browse the attributes from the Hierarchies folder. For example, if Catalog, Category, Subcategory, and Item are the attributesthat comprise the user hierarchy Catalog Items, the hierarchy resembles the example below.

Hierarchy browsing

A user hierarchy does not need to have these relationships defined. It cansimply be a collection of attributes.

For each attribute you select to be a part of the hierarchy, you can assign one or more browse attributes to it. Forexample,assume that the same attributes have been defined for the Catalog Items hierarchy. Some of these attributes have been assigned a browse attribute. For example:

Hierarchy attributes
Hierarchy attributes

The addition of these browse attributes allows you to see theSubcategory elements directly from the Catalog attribute, without having to first view the Category attributes. The new hierarchy can be represented as shown below.

new hierarchy can be represented

In the Data Explorer, it resembles the example below.


You can now view the subcategories in the Spring 97 catalog without first having to browse through the categories.

Drilling down using hierarchies

Drilling is a function in MicroStrategy reports that allows youto browse lower levels of attributes along predefined criteria. Depending on the level of the attributes included in the drilling specification, reports allow the user to drill down to lower levels of detail. Basically, when the user selects a drilling level, the reports refresh to display that level of detail.

To enable a user hierarchy as a drill path, you must select the user hierarchy to be used as a drill hierarchy in the HierarchyEditor. Drilling is governed by the Enable Drilling privilege. If a user hierarchy is not selected, the default drill path is defined by the System Hierarchy. Also, the browsing attributes relationship in a user hierarchy can be viewed as a potential drilling path.

After a user hierarchy is enabled for drilling, it contributes tothe drilling path of any attributes in it. For instance, assume Week is a browsing attribute assigned to Year. When a user right-clicks on Year and selects Drill Down, the attribute Week appears in the drill-down list.

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