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You can format metrics to control how they are displayed on reports, that is, to specify the format for a particular metric, regardless of the report the metric is on. This formatting, which can be applied to headers and data values, is performed in the Metric Editor or through a find and replace operation. Metric level formatting is overwritten by axis and all metrics formatting, which occurs on the report level. Those formatting layers must be set to default to allow the metric level formatting to display.

The following tables contain format-related specifics for

  • number display codes
  • symbols
  • colors

Report-formatting options described in this section are available in the Metric Editor, the Report Editor/Viewer, and the Find and Replace dialog box. To access these options in the Metric Editor, select Tools, then Formatting. In the Report Editor/Viewer, it is available from the Format menu. To open the Find and Replace dialog box, log in to a project with administrative or desktop designer privileges and select Tools, then Find and Replace...

You can use this information to determine how the built-in formats will display data or to create custom number formatting if the built-in styles do not meet your needs.

Number display codes

Formatting codes are used to select formats for data values of metrics in a grid report. The table that follows shows format codes for the various types of available value displays, specifying differences between positive, negative, and decimal values.

Number display codes

Symbols and their functions

The following table shows the symbols used for display formatting and the function associated with each.

Symbols and their functionsSymbols and their functionsSymbols and their functionsSymbols and their functionsSymbols and their functions


Available colors for metric formatting include

  • black
  • blue
  • cyan
  • green
  • magenta
  • red
  • white
  • yellow

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