Filters Introduction - Microstrategy

A filter specifies the conditions that the data must meet to be included in the report results. It is an easy way to answer both simple and complicated business questions.

An example of a simple business question is the sales for all stores in the Northeast. To build this report, place the attribute Store and the metric Dollar Sales on your report and filter on Northeast. The filter allows you to view the results for only those stores in the Northeast.

You are interested in reviewing the sales for only those stores that have at least one category with a margin greater than 20% and total sales of more than $100,000 for the year. This is a more complicated question, but it can also be answered using a filter.

This reviews the categories of filter functionality and the types of filtering techniques used, to help you achieve the answers to your simple and complex business questions.

Remember, all that a filter really does is help you answer “show me X where Y is true.”

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