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Report requirement

The Senior Sales Executive of your company wants a report on the sell-through percentage of all the suppliers to view the sell-through percentage in broad ranges. You want to give the executive a graphical summary of the sell-through percentage.

How can you accomplish this?


Edit the sample report Supplier Sell-Through Percentage in the MicroStrategy Tutorial to add thresholds, or create your own report using thresholds.

If you run the sample report without any modifications and with the default filter, the result set is displayed in grid form as shown in the following figure.

result set is displayed in grid form

To implement a gauge-based dashboard

  1. Right-click the Supplier Sell-Through Percentage report in the MicroStrategy Tutorial/Public Objects/Reports/Supplier Reports folder andselect Edit to edit the report.

    You can also create your own report instead of using the sample report.

  2. From the Grid menu, select Thresholds. The Thresholds dialog box opens.
  3. Define the thresholds as desired.
  4. In the Threshold list, select a threshold that you have defined.
  5. From the Format Definition drop-down list, select Image.
  6. From the Picture location drop-down list, select Relative to HTML Document directory as the method for retrieving the picture location.

    In addition to images on your own machine, you can choose images from a machine on the network or a website.

  7. In the Source field, specify the location of the image.
  8. implement a gauge-based dashboard
  9. Repeat steps 4-7 for each threshold you have defined.
  10. Click OK and view the report in Grid view.

The report is displayed correctly only when you run it from MicroStrategy Web. In the MicroStrategy Desktop, the report appears as shown below.

MicroStrategy Desktop, the report appears

You can now place this report in an HTML document.

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