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Report requirement

You have been given a task to understand how products are performing in different sections, or territories, of the country and abroad. This will allow you insight into consumer buying patterns and offer guidance on establishing pricing strategies and promotions. You will need to see the territories in the rows of your report and various metrics, such as sales, profit, and revenue in the columns.

How can you accomplish this?


A Territory attribute does not exist in your project. You will need to create one. A consolidation allows you to group together various elements of the Region attribute into various territories and place them on your template. In this example, you will need to break down the territories as follows:

  • East = Mid-Atlantic, South, South
  • West = Central, Northwest, Southwest
  • Foreign = Canada, England, France, Germany

These consolidations placed in the rows of your report allow the metrics for values to be added together for a specific territory. For example, the metric values for Central, Northwest, and Southwest will be added together to yield the value for West, and so on.

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