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A custom group is an object that can be placed on a template and is made up of a collection of elements called custom group elements. Each element contains its own set of filtering or banding qualifications.

Each custom group element can be labeled with a meaningful header and can include a logical expression containing any of the following:

  • attribute qualification
  • set qualification
  • report object
  • filter object
  • custom group banding qualifications

A custom group element can also use combinations of any of the components listed above, except custom group banding qualifications.

This set of qualifications resolves into a list of attribute elements after the report is run. Custom groups, therefore, provide a method to group attribute elements from the same or different attributes to meet your reporting requirements.

For example, using the Custom Group Editor, you can create the custom group Store Inventory as follows:

Store Inventory

Small stores with low inventory

Store Sales < 50 AND Store Inventory < 200

Large stores with low inventory

Store Sales > 50 AND Store Inventory < 200

Depending on the options you select in the Custom Group Editor, the custom group could appear on the report as shown below.

Custom groups

The output level of a custom group (in this example, Store) is based on the filtering conditions of the element. Each element in the custom group can have a different output level. For example, elements are completely independent. The fact that they are included in the same custom group means only that they are displayed on the same report.

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