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What is Opening a Document in Word 2010?

In this section, we will talk over how to open a document in Word 2010.

Opening New Document

A new, blank document continuously opens when you start Microsoft Word. Assume you want to start another new document while you are working on another document, or you closed a previously opened document and want to start a new document. Here are the steps to open a new document −

Step 1 − Click the File tab and select the New option.


Step 2 − When you choose the New choice from the first column, it will show a list of templates in the second column. Double-click on the Blank document; this is the first option in the template list. We will talk over the other templates obtainable in the list in the resulting sections.
You should have your blank document as revealed below. The document is now ready for you to start typing your text.

To open a blank document anytime you can use a shortcut. Try using the Ctrl + N keys and you will see a new blank document similar to the one in the above screenshot.

Opening Existing Document

There may be a state when you open an existing document and edit it partially or completely. Follow the steps given below to open an existing document −

Step 1 − Click the File tab and select the Open option.


Step 2 − This will show the subsequent file Open dialog box. This lets you navigate through different folders and files, and also lets you select a file which you want to open.

Step 3 − lastly, trace and select a file which you want to open and click the small triangle obtainable on the Open button to open the file. You will have not the same options to open the file, but simply use the Open option.
This will open your selected file. You can use the Open Read-Only options if you are eager just to read the file and you have no purpose to modify, i.e., edit the file. Other choices can be used for advanced usage.

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