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What is Move Around in Word 2010?

In this section, we will talk over how to move around in Word 2010. Word offers a number of ways to move around a document using the mouse and the keyboard.

To initiate with, let us make some sample text. To create a sample text, there is a short cut accessible. Open a new document and type =rand() and press Enter. Word will create the following content for you –

Moving with Mouse

You can simply move the insertion point by clicking in your text anywhere on the screen. There may be examples when a document is large and you cannot see a place where you want to move. At this time, you will have to use the scroll bars, as shown in the resulting screenshot –

You can scroll through your document by rolling your mouse wheel, which is equivalent to clicking the up-arrow or down-arrow buttons in the scroll bar.

Moving with Scroll Bars

As presented in the above screenshot, there are two scroll bars: one for stirring vertically within the document, and one for stirring horizontally. Using the vertical scroll bar, you may −

  • Move upward by one line by clicking the upward-pointing scroll arrow.
  • Move downward by one line by clicking the downward-pointing scroll arrow.
  • Move one next page, using the next page button (footnote).
  • Move one previous page, using the previous page button (footnote).
  • Use the Browse Object button to move through the document, going from one chosen object to the next.

Moving with Keyboard

The resulting keyboard commands, used for moving around your document, also move the insertion point –

keyboard strokes

You can move word by word or paragraph by paragraph. You would have to hold down the Ctrl key while pressing an arrow key, which moves the insertion point as described here –

key combinations

Moving with Go To Command

Press the F5 key to use the Go to command. This will show a dialogue box where you will have numerous possibilities to reach to a particular page.

Usually, we use the page number, the line number or the section number to go directly to a specific page and lastly press the Go To button.


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