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What is Find & Replace in Word 2010?

In this section, we will talk over the Find and Replace operation in Word 2010. While operating on editing a document you come across a situation very repeatedly when you want to search a specific word in your document and many times you will be eager to substitute this word with another word at a few or all the places all over the document. Now, we will understand how to find a word or phrase in a word document and how to swap an existing word with any other word using simple steps.

Find Command

The Find command allows you to locate specific text in your document. Resulting are the steps to find a word document in the following screen −
Step 1 − Let us work out on a sample text available in our Word document. Just type =rand() and press Enter; the following screen will appear –


Step 2 − Click the Find option in the Editing group on the Home tab or press Ctrl + F to launch the Navigation pane –

Step 3 − Enter a word which you want to explore in the Search box, as soon as you finish typing, Word searches for the text you entered and shows the results in the navigation pane and highlights the word in the document as in the resulting screenshot –

Step 4 − you can click the clear button (X) to clear the search and results and perform another search.
Step 5 − you can use further options while searching for a word. Click the option button to display the options menu and then click the Options option; this will display a list of options. You can select the options like match case to perform case-sensitive search.

Step 6 − lastly, if you are complete with the Search operation, you can click the close button (X) to close the Navigation Pane.

Find & Replace Operation

We assume you are an skilled in searching a word or phrase in a word document as described above. This section will teach you how you can swap an existing word in your document. Following are the simple steps −

Step 1 − Click the Replace option in the Editing group on the Home tab or press Ctrl + H to launch the Find and Replace dialog box shown in

Step 2 − Type a word which you want to search. You can also replace the word using the Find and Replace dialog box as in the following screenshot –

Step 3 − Click the Replace button presented on the Find and Replace dialog box and you will see the first existence of the searched word would be swapped with the replace with word. Clicking again on Replace button would replace next existence of the searched word. If you will click Replace Allbutton then it would replace all the found words in one go. You can also use Find Next button just to search the next occurence and later you can use Replace button to replace the found word.

Step 4 − You can use More >> button available on the dialog box to use more options and to make your search more specific like case sensitive search or searching for whole word only etc.

Step 5 − as a final point, if you are done with the Find and Replace operation, you can click the Close (X) or Cancel button of the dialog box to close the box.

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