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What are the different keyboard shortcut keys in PowerPoint 2010?

Like other windows based programs, PowerPoint 2010 also provides wide range of keyboard shortcuts. In the latest version 2010, these shortcuts mapped in the 2010 release have been changed when compared to some of the older ones. With a whole new range of features being added to PowerPoint, it is obvious that there are so many changes in the keyboard shortcuts. Let’s understand how to read and figure out the shortcuts easily.

Step 1 − First step to access the keyboard shortcuts is to press the Alt key on your keyboard. This displays the first level of shortcuts indicated by alphabets or numbers as shown. For example, the shortcut to access the Home ribbon is 'H' and for saving the presentation, the shortcut is '1'.


Step 2 – After selecting the first level of shortcut, second level of shortcuts for respective commands will be shown. Remember that some of these shortcuts will be disabled or displayed in a lighter shade than others. This is because the disabled shortcuts cannot be used in the current state.


For example, all the font related commands will be disabled as no text has been selected. If you execute the same steps after selecting a portion of text, these shortcuts will also be enabled.


In few cases, two alphabets will be associated with a single shortcut; in such cases, you have to key in both immediately after another to get the desired effect.

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