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How to copy and paste content in PowerPoint 2010?

This chapter will give you detailed explanation on how to copy and paste content in PowerPoint 2010. PowerPoint provides a wide range of options for duplicating the content. PowerPoint has the standard cut and copy functions and allows variations of paste options.

Cut Option

This cut option helps you in cutting the content from the slide - this means that the original content is being moved to a different location. Therefore, the content will be deleted from its original location when you use this option. To cut the content, select it and press "Ctrl + X" or right-click on the selected content and select Cut.


Copy Option

This copy option helps in copying the content from one location to another; therefore, the original content will be retained to it its place while the duplicate content can be pasted. To copy a portion of content, select it and press "Ctrl + C" or right-click on the selected content and select Copy.

Paste Option

This paste option helps you in pasting the cut or copied content at the desired location. There are multiple paste options to choose from and these options will be indicated by different icons when you right-click at the desired location. If you don’t remember these icons, you can hover your cursor on top of them for tooltip explanations. Below table describes the paste options in PowerPoint.



Paste Option & Description


Destination Theme

Pasted content will adopt the destination theme.


Keep Source Formatting

Pasted content will retain the source formatting - available for table or Excel content.



Content will be pasted as an image - once pasted as an image, the content cannot be modified.


Keep Text Only

This will just paste the text - available for table or Excel content.

You can also paste content using "Ctrl + V". In this case, you can make changes to the pasted object by pressing the Ctrl key to get access to the paste options. Note that these options are available only immediately after pasting. If you perform some other action, you will not be able to make changes based on the paste options.


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