Microsoft Lync Interview Questions & Answers

Microsoft Lync Interview Questions

Microsoft Lync is the communicator for the employees in the organization. It is a Microsoft product. People using it can communicate with anyone in the world but the other person should also use Lync. It is also called as Skype for Business. It is an audio and video messaging. Meetings, video conferences can be set using it. It also shows the availability information whether available, away, offline etc. In 2014, it was officially replaced as Skype . Good knowledge on Lync will boost your confidence. Follow our Wisdomjobs page for Microsoft Lync interview questions and answers page to get through your job interview successfully in first attempt. Interview questions are exclusively designed for job seekers to assist them in clearing interviews.

Microsoft Lync Interview Questions And Answers

Microsoft Lync Interview Questions
    1. Question 1. What Is Microsoft Lync?

      Answer :

      Microsoft Lync is an application that lets you communicate with others using instant messaging, audio and video chat, as well as collaborate by sharing documents and desktops.

    2. Question 2. What Is Federation?

      Answer :

      Lync supports "federation" - enabling interoperability with other corporate IM networks. Federation can be configured either manually (where each partner manually configures the relevant edge servers in the other organization) or automatically (using the appropriate SRV records in the DNS).

    3. Question 3. What’s The Difference Between A Post And A Message?

      Answer :

      In the context of chat rooms, a “post” is a message that you write in a chat room for other people to see. This word use can get confusing, because a chat room participant can send a “message” (an email or instant message, for example) to one or more other participants directly from the chat room interface, without “posting” it in the chat room. You just need to click the picture or participant listing of the person who’s getting your message.

    4. Question 4. What’s The Difference Between A Notification Alert And A Topic Feed?

      Answer :

      These terms refer to the two types of alert that you can set up in persistent chat to help you stay in touch with activity in the chat rooms you’re following:

      Notification alerts are sent automatically by Lync to alert you to activity in any room(s) you’re following. By default, these alerts follow the settings in the Persistent Chat Options window. You can change those settings, and you can also customize your notifications if you want more distinctive alerts.

      Topic feeds are automatic alerts triggered, not by activity in a specific room, but by the appearance of words or phrases that you’ve told Lync to look for in the posts of the chat rooms you follow. A topic feed listing will display the name of the person who posted the message, the time it was posted, and the text of the message containing the target term(s).

    5. Question 5. What Is Enterprise Voice?

      Answer :

      Enterprise Voice provides enhanced calling options, such as call a contact, hold, forward, transfer, voice mail, conferencing, simultaneous rings, enhanced 9-1-1 calling, and calls to and from the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

      • Phone tab   provides a list of voice mails and call logs, as well as an on-screen dial pad for dialing a number.
      • Lync Call   computer to computer calls with one click.
      • Audio Quality   quickly places a test call to check the quality of your audio.
      • Call delegation   supports features such as shared lines (making and receiving calls on behalf of a manager), transferring calls to a manager and managing calls.
      • Call Quality Notification   provides notifications to help you improve the quality of your call if it detects device, network, or computer issues during the call.
      • Device transfer   enables you to switch your audio device during a call.
      • Calls to and from P S T N   sends and receives calls from numbers on the public telephone systems, outside your company.
      • Call Park   holds a call on one phone, and then retrieves the call from another phone.
      • Device Selection receives incoming calls simultaneously on all your communications devices, enabling you to answer with whichever device is most convenient.
      • Integration with Exchange Unified Messaging   provides voice mail, voice messaging, email messaging, call answering, subscriber access, call notification, and auto-attendant services.
      • Emergency Services- 911   provides location information to dispatchers of emergency services, (available for North America only).
      • Simultaneous ringing   enables incoming calls to ring on additional phones, for example, cell phones or other devices.
      • Call forwarding   enables you to forward calls to other phones, such as your cell phone or home phone.

    6. Question 6. Can I Call To A Lync Client From My Easymeeting Registered Endpoint?

      Answer :

      No,we currently only offer dial-in interoperability from Lync clients to Easymeeting.

    7. Question 7. Can I Share My Computer Screen When Connected To Easymeeting Via The Lync Service?

      Answer :

      It is possible to share data from an Easymeeting enabled endpoint or a virtual room sent to the Lync client, and from the Lync client to an endpoint or EasyConference

    8. Question 8. Where Do I Get The Lync Client, And How Do I Install It?

      Answer :

      Easymeeting does not offer any Lync clients or support for these clients or for the servers running Microsoft Lync. Please contact your Lync administrator for information about how to obtain and install your client.

    9. Question 9. Why Does It Say “presence Unknown” When Adding A Number Registered To

      Answer :

      Presence detection on systems and rooms registered to easymeeting is not enabled to ensure the privacy of our customers. You will still be able to set up a call to the system as long as it is not busy.

    10. Question 10. How Do Customers Support Lync In Their Environment For A Reasonable Roi?

      Answer :

      Return on investment (ROI) is challenging to calculate accurately; see the ROI Myth in my recent UC Strategies article. Here is what I do know:

      • I can find a study that shows every UC solution provides the lowest TCO and best ROI. The results are fully dependent on the assumptions!
      • The only ROI that should matter to you is the one calculated using the specifics of your organization.
      • There is no shortcut to building a business case and calculating your ROI; you need to take the time and "do the math".
      • Organizations have reduced TCO and deployed Lync with strong ROI; as I am sure they have done using other UC platforms.

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